Pond Hockey

Chiller Pond Hockey League

Chiller Pond Hockey League - Spring 2022

21st annual spring league!

March 26-June 5, 2022

10 Game Season - Saturdays and Sundays

No games on April 17 (Easter Sunday).

Games played at Chiller Dublin, Easton, North, Ice Works and Ice Haus.

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Contact Hockey Director Rob Schriner with questions - rschriner@thechiller.com

League Rules

  • No Icing
  • Delayed offsides
  • Stoppage of play for goals, offsides and penalties
  • Clock stops only if injured players
  • Penalties result in penalty shot
  • Players with 3 or more penalties will be ejected from game
  • Max of 3 goals per player
  • Any team or individual wanting to play UP a division, must secure approval from Rob Schriner
  • All players MUST sign in on scoresheet prior to each game (Coach/Team Manager to assist young players)
  • Midgets - only 5 same-school varsity players per team per OHSAA regulations
  • All players must be valid USA Hockey members (USA Hockey numbers must be provided to team manager)


  • Three 15-minute running time periods 
  • Timeclock will stop only if a player is injured


  • All teams must have a USA Hockey certified coach
  • Coaches/Managers must attend mandatory league scheduling meeting. Chiller will notify of time and location via email.


  • Visiting team must wear pinnies (supplied by Chiller) if both teams have same jersey color 
  • Must have numbers on back of jerseys

What is Pond Hockey? 
Pond Hockey is high speed, high scoring, end-to-end hockey action without the pressure of the regular season scores, standings and format! It’s a chance for players to handle the puck, get creative, and play like they’re out back on a pond. And the best part is while the kids are having fun, they’re focusing on skating, stickhandling, passing, shooting and backchecking/forechecking.    

All games will be available live and on demand through Live Barn.

Please note: All participants skate at their own risk.

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Divisions/Age Levels

  • Mini-Mite (2015/2016 birth year) - 4 on 4 half-ice, coaches on ice, no scorekeeper
  • Mite Recreational/Competitive (2013 birth year) - 5 on 5 full-ice
  • Mite (2014/2015 birth year) - Choice of Shinny division (3 on 3 half-ice) or 5 on 5 full-ice division
  • Squirt (2011/12) & Pee Wee (2009/10) - 3 on 3 full-ice. Competitive and recreational divisions are offered. Competitive will be made up of select/travel players while recreational division teams will tend to have predominantly first year players and beginner players (no travel players in this division).
  • Bantam (2007/2008) - 3 on 3 full-ice. Players in this age group may have played JV high school, House or Travel Hockey and are Bantam-aged. Recreational division teams tend to have house or JV players. Competitive division teams will have predominantly travel players.
  • Midget (2003/04/05/06) - 3 on 3 full-ice. Upper and lower  divisions are offered. Players in this age group may have played Varsity High school or Travel Hockey and are Midget-aged.

Please sign up at level played during the 2021-2022 season.

Registration must be made as a team and requires team name, coach name, all rostered names, 2021/22 teams played, birth years, USA Hockey numbers and email addresses by March 1st. Sign up by March 1 and receive a free practice!

Your first payment (50% deposit or full payment as designated by you on registration form) will be processed on March 1. Remaining balance (if applicable) will be processed on March 16.

  • Mini-Mite: $1,000 (cross-ice games)
  • Mite Shinny (cross-ice games) $1,000 (Sundays only)
  • Mite/Squirt/Pee Wee/Bantam/Midget (full-ice): $1,900
  • 50% of fees due by March 1; remainder due by Mar. 16
  • If signing up as an individual, per-person fee will be calculated once the roster is finalized.


  • Minimum 10, maximum 18 players per roster (including subs). For Mites, roster of 16-18 recommended. 
  • Chiller reserves the right to assign individual registrants to team rosters in an effort to make sure every player finds a team.
  • Only 13 maximum can dress in a game (including goalie).
  • Team/Coach contacts will be posted online.

Need a team?

  • If you are an individual without a team, we will try to find you a team or try to create a draft team of individuals.
  • Spots are not guaranteed, but we will try our best and keep you posted.
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Get ready for Pond Hockey Play

  • Practice Makes Perfect! Great practice times are available including weekdays and weekends. 
  • Contact Jeremy at jrogers@thechiller.com for more information or to schedule your practice.

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For more information, contact Hockey Director Rob Schriner - rschriner@thechiller.com